Dissemination activities

‘Libroscopio’-Week of Scientific Culture 2014

IPSP UOS BARI was present at the event “Libroscopio”, Week of Scientific Culture 2014, held at Noicattaro (Bari), last 29th November. Two interactive labs, coordinated by our colleagues enriched the interesting programme of the exhibition aiming at scientific divulgation, organized by the cultural association “I presìdi del Libro”.  With “A garden in a bottle. The discovery of plant micropropagation”, Antonietta Campanale, in collaboration with Giovanna Bottalico (DiSSPA, Università degli Studi di Bari) showed to the visitors the fascinating micro-world of in vitro plant culture. Whereas our colleague Massimiliano Morelli and Giusy D’Attoma (DiSSPA, Università degli Studi di Bari) proposed a lab named “Little, ugly and nasty: virus attacking plants”, to explain in a funny way what phytoviruses, microscopic and unpleasant guests of our plants, are. The audience, dealing with colourful plantlets, virus models, the game “draw your virus”, and experiments to discover nucleic acids, has responded with great enthusiasm, and many young scientists have crowded the two labs until late evening.

Science Festival Genoa 2014

IPSP participated also at the 2014 edition of the Science Festival held in Genoa, with a workshop entitled: “Plants under attack. Protect them!”. The workshop consisted of two games, one for 4-8 years old children and the other for 8-14 years old kids.

During the game, young children learned that plants must be protected from various threats ( such as pests and natural disasters), supporting their life cycle and consuming fruits and vegetables in relation to the season. One of these threats, viruses , were the subject of the other game, where kids have learned how a virus and the infected plant interact and how the two “actors” behave to ensure their survival.

From the data provided by the organizers of the Festival, the laboratory was visited by 1509 people.