Turin Headquarter

Subject Areas: plant virology, general virology, botany, biochemistry, molecular biology, plant pathology, electronic microscopy, biotechnologies, microbiology, agricultural entomology, serology, epidemiology and vectors, laboratory techniques.

Heritage description: the library has about 1500 volumes (of which approximately 700 proceedings) and 120 periodicals (100 related to foreign subscriptions and 20 relating to national periodicals). There are also didactic books and periodicals, encyclopedias and handbooks. Since 2009 a number of print subscriptions has only been available online, whereas other subscriptions to periodicals published by Springer, Elsevier, Cell Press, Nature Publ. Group, Annual Reviews, American Society for Microbiology, Kluwer, are available online through the Digital Library CILEA. The complete collection of all the scientific production of the Institute is also available.

Lists of the available conference proceedings and books.

Address: Strada delle Cacce 73  I-10135 Torino, Italy
Phone: 011 3977911
Person in charge: Daniela Cerro,
Admission: Consultation at the Institute during working hours (9-12; 13-17).

Florence Unit

Subject areas: Agricultural Sciences, Forestry Sciences, Biological and Natural Sciences, Plant Pathology, Forest Pathology, Plant Forestry Genetics.

Heritage description: The Library has a collection of about 1350 volumes, including Acts of national and international congress related to the subject areas listed above. There are also 70 Italian and foreign periodicals and subscriptions in consortium available online for magazines published by the publishers: Annual Reviews, Elsevier, IEEE / IEE, ISI Web of Knowledge, Nature Publishing Group, PNAS, Reaxys, Science Magazine, Springer Verlag, Wiley Blackwell. The library also has the complete collection of all the scientific production of the Institute.

Address: Via Madonna del Piano n°10 – Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy
Phone/ Fax: 055-5225667 / 055 – 5225666
Person in charge: Raffaella Manzo,

Admission: Consultation at the Institute. Access to databases, electronic journals and e-books of the major international publishers from any station. The library adheres to Internet Delivery System

Turin Unit

Subject areas: , Biological and Natural Sciences ; Agricultural Sciences; Pharmaceutical sciences

Library of the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology – Headquartes of Plant Biology

Address: Viale PA Mattioli, 25 I-10125 Torino, Italy
Phone: 0116705977-8 Fax: 0112361099 Email:
Person in charge: Marco Moietta; Referent of the office: Franco Estivi

Description of the heritage (data SimonLib v.2.5 – 2013):

Paper documentary heritage – monographs: 37070 (books and pamphlets bound in miscellaneous)
Documentary heritage – year’s issues: 26312 (1803 titles – 141 current)
Documentary heritage on non paper medium: 179

Services: consultation, loan, reproduction, document delivery, bibliographic information, education of users, access to databases and electronic journals of the leading international publishers.

Portici Unit

Subject areas: entomology, biological control

Heritage description: About 90 Italian and English texts of entomology and biological control
Two journals: Biological control and Biocontrol Science and Technology since March 1997. Since 2015 subscription to Protezione delle colture

Address: Via University 133 I-80055 Portici (NA), Italy
Phone / Fax: 0817753658 / 0817758122
Person in charge: Umberto Bernardo