IPSP contributes to e-learning programs of Italian students during the Covid-19 emergency

The National Institute for Documentation Innovation Research Education (INDIRE) with the cooperation of all the Italian public Research Organizations is promoting a free webinar series for students, teachers and families on ”science and research”. The pandemic of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 is increasing people’s fear and confusion on viruses as well as the need for reliable scientific information. On Thursday May 7th at 10.00 am, Massimo Turina will share his knowledge on viruses during the webinar “Good or bad viruses? Their ecological role”. He will show that our planet is inhabited by an enormous number of viruses and that most of them have important roles in the functioning of ecosystems.

Those who are interested will have access to the webinar at the following link: http://www.indire.it/webinar-per-gli-studenti-a-cura-degli-enti-pubblici-di-ricerca/