Symposium Xylella fastidiosa

International Symposium on the European outbreak of Xylella fastidiosa in olive

In October 2014, the Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection – CNR in Bari, the Department of Soil, Plant and Food Science of the University of Bari, the Research Center “Basile Caramia” (CRSFA) of Locorotondo, Bari, the CIHEAM-Mediterranean Agronomic Institute, Bari and the National and Regional Plant Health Services organized an international symposium on the new emerging threat poses by the introduction in Europe of Xylella fastidiosa. Approximately 200 people attended the meeting to share information and learn about the outbreak of X. fastidiosa in Apulia Region (southern Italy) and its involvment in the “Quick Decline Syndrome” in olive. The proceedings with the abstracts and the workshop manuals have been prepared and distributed at the Symposium. These documents and the oral presentations can be downloaded here. You can also download the Symposium Proceedings published in  “Journal of Plant Pathology” (2014), 96 (4, Supplement).