Morphological and molecular characterization of plant parasitic nematodes of economic crops.

The surveillance program on plant health of agricultural crops, ornamental and forestry for 2015-2016 aims to identify, in different regional areas and specifically in those most suited to fruit and vegetable production and greater environmental concern, the presence of pests responsible for serious and sometimes irreversible damage to plant crops both as to the spontaneous ones.
The IPSP-CNR in collaboration with Ufficio Fitopatologico of Basilicata Region aims to analyze soil samples from the Basilicata Region in order to preserve it from the spread of harmful organisms which have/may impact on the regional agricultural economy. The soil samples and plant parts (roots, leaves, stems, bulbs, etc.) will be collected by the local Plant Protection Service staff and shipped to the laboratory of IPSP-CNR, in a short time.
The IPSP-CNR, with appropriate methodologies, will recover nematodes from samples received, and the morphological and molecular characterization will be carried out.
Molecular analyses involving the PCR amplification of appropriate markers on individual nematodes, the determination of restriction species-specific profiles, sequencing and phylogenetic analysis will be conducted.

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