According to National and EU legislation on “grapevine certification” (DM 08/02/05 and DM 24/06/08), the Selector is responsible of the maintenance and the propagation of the “primary source” of its own clonal selections officially registered by Ministry of Agriculture (MIPAAF). The primary source of more than 120 grape clones selected by IPSP-CNR are preserved in a single pot (picture) inside a big screen-house near Alba (CN). This primary source is regularly tested (ELISA and RT-PCR) in order to monitor the preservation of its virus-free status. The primary source represents the first step in the grape propagation scheme which, by mean of Premultiplication Centre-CEPREMAVI of Piedmont and Liguria Regions and private grape nurseries, is focused to the production of “certified” material for new plantings. CEPREMAVI yearly produces (under the supervision of IPSP-CNR) around 40000 grafted rootlings of IPSP selected clones (“base” category) used by nurseries to establish grape mother vine vineyards suitable for certified material production

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