Cultivar-specific sensitivity to FD

Cultivar-specific sensitivity to FD and presence of the phytoplasma in abandoned rootstocks and alternative hosts

This collaboration will focus on the following topics :

a) Study of cultivar-specific susceptibility to Flavescence dorée (FD) and recovery attitude of Moscato and other red berry cultivars.

b) Assessment of graft transmission of FD phytoplasmafrom from infected Barbera to healthy Moscato.

c) Molecular detection of FD in cultivated Vitis vinifera, wild and abandoned vines and other alternative FD host plants.

The project will be developed in collaboration with the Phytosanitary Service of the Piedmont Region, the University of Turin, The Institute for Wood Plants and Environment. The project will also involve technical support of the Consortium for the Protection of Asti.

The results of the project will be presented annually to the technicians of the producer groups and associations during special meetings and they will provide the Consortium scientific basis upon which to coordinate the activities of their associates for the containment of FD in the near future.

External staff involved in the project: Domenico Bosco and Dimitris Miliordos.

Research staff

Research activity

  • Plant/environment interactions