Expert in Research and Innovation for Environmetally-friendly produCtions of Olive and olive oil

Partner: COSVITEC Soc. Cons. a r.l.

The training project ERICA intends to specialize 16 +3 graduates students about themes and aspects foreseen in LINFA Research Project and relating to the creation of a public-private consortium. Participants will acquire specialized knowledge related to the crop protection, the new frontiers of food safety (i.e. biological methods to degrade pesticides and mycotoxins) and the new products and processes for the development of functional foods.

Main issues:

i) biopesticides/bioammendants based on beneficial microbes;

ii) the study of the complex interaction plant / pathogen / beneficial micro-organism by using new techniques (ie, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.);

iii) study and application of metabolites from beneficial microbes;

iv) food safety (new safety frontiers);

vi) study and application of enzyme mixtures for the decontamination of complex matrices;
vii) novel functional foods/ingredients.

Participants will be able to plan and manage research and development interventions concerning the issues of the public – private Laboratory, in order to offer them the opportunity to be entered in the Aggregation Companies.


The Specialization Course addressed to 19 graduates will have a duration of about 12 months and will be structured in 1,400 hours distributed as follows:

Module A – 650 hours-depth specialist knowledge (500 h + 150 h FAD),

Module B – 630 hours practical experience together with personnel engaged in industrial research and / or experimental development in turn divided into 600 hours of internship and 30 hours guided tours,

Module C – 120 hours – dedicated to project management activities about Research and Cooperation Programmes.  16 grants amounting to € 13,000.00 will be assigned together with  a refund for transfers.

In Module A students will attend 100 hours via distance learning platform directly managed by Cosvitec, while Module C, made up of a theory section and role plays, will be characterized by some interventions in call conference by European Commission Officers, providing a clear intervention frame work relating to European Community opportunities and concrete examples of possible interventions.

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