Resistance elicitors to control phytoplasma diseases and to develop a low impact agronomic system to improve quality and safety of the most important wine cultivars of the Piemonte region.

The project studies a low impact agronomic system for the local wine cvs Barbera and Arneis, which involves the application of resistance/tollerance elicitors to phytoplasmas (with special focus to Flavescence dorée phytoplasma) to improve the quality and safety of grapevine.

This approach is focused on the role of natural recovery from the disease, to reduce the costs of rouging the infected plants and planting of new material. Role of IPSP: molecular diagnosis of the pathogens in grapevines, analysis of the epidemics, field monitoring in all the experimental conditions (abiotic and biotic elicitor applications).

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  • Plant/environment interactions