Enhancing adoption of web-based pest predictions systems: The case of BYDV

The project is aimed to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a public/private internet/smartphone decision-support system that will help grain growers predict, monitor and manage high-consequence insect-transmitted plant diseases like barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV), the most important aphid-borne disease of cereals. This effort will build on existing information technology (IT) platforms, originally developed for monitoring and managing pests at state and national scales, but be adapted in Pennsylvania to integrate management of insect and pathogen populations. The project will develop the system further by combining insect, pathogen, and crop phenology together with real-time weather data. The value and impact of the proposed system will be established during a trial period in Pennsylvania, where a test group of extension educators and growers will be trained on how to operate the system. In addition to U.S. growers, the robustness of the system will be evaluated by testing its utility with grain farmers in Italy, a disparate grain-growing area in which the researcher in IPSP has extensive experience.

The American Project Director is E. Rajotte.

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  • Plant/environment interactions