The project GenHORT aims at the development of products to valorize, innovate and increase competitiveness of the horticultural sector of the Campania region. Specifically, in zucchini, research activities will address commercial and health-promoting quality of fruit.
For this purpose, key genes will be identified, cloned, characterized and functionally analysed. CNR-IPSP-Bari will be directly involved in the research activity “Analysis of expression profiles of microRNA and small non coding RNAs in virus-infected zucchini plants”, aiming to pursuing the following objectives:
• Analysis of smallRNA libraries through RNA-Seq in healthy or virus infected zucchini plants; analysis of target sequences;
• Identification of host genes potentially involved in responses to infection and pathogenesis, whose expression is regulated by small RNA-based RNA silencing mechanisms.

Research staff

Research activity

  • Plant/environment interactions