INSTRIARB: Collaborazione scientifica per la realizzazione di indagini, studi e ricerche di interesse comune nei settori della patologia e avversità delle piante arboree e arbustive ornamentali e forestali

InStriArb is an institutional agreement for monitoring the presence of quarantine pathogen within the territory of Regione Toscana. In addition, IPSP-CNR will provide new rapid detection techniques and tools. IPSP-CNR will monitor the territory for the presence of four quarantine pathogens, two of which already present in Tuscany (Ceratocystis platani and Phytophthora ramorum). The other two pathogens are present in close areas (Erwinia amylovora in Emilia-Romagna) or in other European country (Gibberella circinata in Spain and Portugal).
During the agreement period seminars and workshops will be held to disseminate knowledge on new pathogens and diagnostic tools.

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  • Production defense and biosafety