Controllo di nematodi fitoparassiti nella difesa delle colture ortive

The nematicidal efficacy of dazomet, at different doses and with two different types of cover with plastic films (VIF and TIF) will be assessed on different phyto-parasitic nematodes (cyst nematodes, root-knot and migratory endoparasites). After treatments, Heterodera carotae, Meloidogyne incognita and Pratylenchus vulnus will be extracted from treated soil samples using different methods, depending on the nature of the nematode (Fenwick apparatus or Baermann’s funnels). In the specific case of the cyst nematode H. carotae, cysts will be subjected to a hatching test in order to assess the viability of the eggs of the nematode within the cysts. Untreated and metham-sodium treated soils will be used as controls. The comparison between the vitality of nematodes in the untreated control and that detected in the different treatments will allow the evaluation of the effectiveness of dazomet at different doses and types of plastic films.

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