Aim of the project is the improvement of current products already marketed by the partner SME (SACOM LAB spa, Larino) as soil ammendants, based on microorganisms such as the endophytic fungus Pochonia chlamydosporia. The project will lead to: 1) a collection of Italian isolates of useful microorganisms and their genetic and biochemical characterization for the definition of best production parameters, including solid or liquid fermentation processes for massive production of propagules on an industrial scale; 2) the integration of existing products on the market with other beneficial soil microorganisms (fungi or bacteria) identified during the project; 3) the identification of the best methods of product preservation, including additives and adjuvants in formulation and 4) the identification of best practices for use, packaging, release into the soil and root colonization, of the formulated products, through field testing and analysis of soil, with a view to their position on the European market. Feedback data from retailers and farmers will be used to improve the products line to meet the needs of different crops and situations in European and Mediterranean agricultural ecosystems.



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