Quality for in vitro propagation material: updating and testing control procedures

QUALIMAPRO is a scientific project related to floriculture, aiming at updating and validation of protocols for virus diagnosis and in vitro micro-propagation. The main objective of the project is the setting up of protocols for sensible, quick and
easy diagnosis of virus/viroid infection. The main target being plant health certification of in vitro and in vivo propagation material.

Three scientific Institutions, with expertise in ornamental plants, virus characterization and in vitro micro-propagation,

  • CRA-FSO, Sanremo (IM) (coordinator)
  • CNR-IPSP, Torino
  • CNR-IVALSA, Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

and five SME involved in floriculture,

  • Azienda agricola Biancheri Creations®, Camporosso (IM)
  • Azienda agricola Sapia Flavio, Sanremo (IM)
  • Ditta Costa Verde dei F.lli Macciò Livio ed Alfredo, Albenga (SV)
  • Ditta Florovivaistica Baratta, Santo Stefano al Mare (IM)
  • Studio Tecnico Associato Ferrari e Salvi, Torino

are involved as partners in Qualimapro.

IPSP-Torino expertise: identification of virus/viroid diseases relevant for specific ornamental crops: buttercup, carnation, daisy and some aromatic plants such as rosemary and lavender, all crucial for Liguria region and considered by the SME involved in the project. Set up and validation of RT-PCR protocols for each plant/virus system, organization of theoretical/hands-on classes for technicians of flower-growing industries, preparation of operating manuals listing virus/viroid detection procedures and technology transfer to the flower growing industries, partners in the project.

Research staff

Research activity

  • Biotic and abiotic stresses