The contract is part of a larger project involving 19 partners in the implementation of 8 activities: 1) bibliographic studies and territorial prospecting; 2) Search and recovery of ancient native grapevine autochthonous varieties and biotypes from Apulia; 3) Ex-situ conservation of grapevine genetic resources (extension and management of the gene-banks); 4) Genetic / morphological / productive / technological characterization of germplasm and new systems of varietal identification; 5) Sanitary improvement of propagating material and preparation of healthy primary sources; 6) Inventories, gene-banks and databases; 7) Drafting of varietal fiches; 8 ) In situ conservation through breeding or keeping of the materials.

In particular, the contract IPSP is included in the activity 5. and consists of: a) the evaluation of the sanitary status of the new germplasm selected in the activity 2; b) verification of the healthy status of the young plantlets deriving from the sanitation activity; c) evaluation of the “absolute” sanitary status of certified clones of important autochthonous varieties cultivated in Apulia. For actions under the points a) and b) it will proceed with diagnostic techniques of RT-PCR and Real time PCR while for the point c) an high-throughput sequencing approach according to the protocol Illumina.

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  • Plant/environment interactions