Call PSR Puglia 2007-2013 Measure 214 – Action 4 Sub-Action A)
Integrated projects for Biodiversity ‘, Determination
(Authority PSR 2007-2013 # 503 of 18.11.2013)


The project ReGerOP involves the technical and scientific support of the IPSP (section B4, activity code 05) for carrying out the activities related to the phytosanitary assessment of the olive germplasm.

Specifically, the IPSP is responsible for:

  • Preparation of the time schedule of the experimental activities;
  • Performing the virological tests in accordance with the procedures contained in the official phytosanitary regulations in force (DM 20/11/2006) and following the experimental methods provided in the “B4 activity code 05″ of the project, for a total of n. 1000 samples of olive;
  • the preparation of the technical sheet with all phytosanitary data for  each sample tested;
  • the preparation of periodic technical reports;
  • the delivery to the customer Sinagri of all information necessary for the registration of plant accessions with health status of virus-controlled, virus-free according to the national certification according decree  (DM 20/11/2006).

Research staff

Research activity

  • Plant/environment interactions