Integrated genetic and genomic approaches for new Italian rice breeding strategies

Italy is the first European rice producer, with more than 50% of the total paddy production. Increased productivity and quality stability, resistance to actual and emerging diseases, resistance to old and new environmental constraints such as cold, drought stress and salty soils are major requirements to provide Italian rice production chain to sustain competitiveness at the international level. Industry and consumers’ request are driven by market, tradition, and well recognized search for quality. Farmers need new and more competitive varieties, adapted to the market’s request and tailored to sustain economically profitable cultivation joined to an environmentally friendly agrosystem: the actual rice production chain does not completely meets such requests important traits and associated mechanisms conferring élite characters to the plant.

RISINNOVA general Objective is the set up of genetic/genomic approaches to afford development of an innovative Italian rice producing chain, to provide producers and industry with more competitive varieties suitable for inner as well as international markets. To this aim, an integrated research network, including the most experienced Italian research teams in the areas of interest, and international collaborations, has been set up. Genomics-assisted breeding will be strongly facilitated by tools and knowledge developed in this project. RISINNOVA is structured into four research WP and a fifth WP dedicated to the dissemination activities, training and technology transfer.

For further information: http://risinnova.entecra.it/

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  • Genetics and epigenetics