SAFEGRAPE: sustainable grapevine protection against fungal pathogens

The fungal disease management in the vineyard (downy and powdery mildew in particular) entails substantial economic and environmental costs. The European Commission has already expressed the objective to reduce the number of plant protection products used, including copper-based fungicides allowed in organic viticulture. This project through integrated approaches (agronomic, metabolic, genetic and molecular) aims to evaluate the efficacy of various compounds for integrated control strategies, in order to improve the environmental sustainability of vineyard management.
The project will allow the identification of unconventional compounds with a possible effect of resistance inducers with low environmental impact against the most important fungal diseases in grapevine. The molecular studies of plant / pathogen interactions will provide a panel of key information to investigate the defence mechanisms of grapevine against the selected pathogens. These integrated knowledges will contribute to the development of effective and innovative solutions for a more environmentally friendly viticulture.

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  • Production defense and biosafety