Mountain saffron: sustainable techniques for quality production

The project is mainly aimed at activities related to the enhancement of the territory of the Western Alpine arc, by supporting the introduction of the cultivation of saffron as a high-quality, high-income and sustainable product. Through the collaboration between CNR, DISAFA and local associations we intend to actively promote the formation of new networks in the territory, both from an educational and scientific and cultural point of view, favoring employment and the recovery of marginal areas. The present research project aims to assess the influence of environmental conditions and crop practice on saffron production in the western Alpine arc, promoting its quality through techniques with low environmental impact. In fact, we intend to evaluate the use of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as a biofertilization practice and the use of mulching weeds for weed control. The study will be a pilot test that will allow companies to benefit from direct experience and validated by experimental data. The assessment of the adaptation of saffron to the pedoclimatic conditions of the western alpine arc and the identification of innovative farming practices with a low environmental impact that are more suitable, will in fact promote the economic and social development of the territory with a view to expanding the basket of local products.

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  • Optimization of natural resources