Regional laboratory network for the selection, characterization and conservation of germplasm and prevention of the spread of economically relevant and quarantine pathogens 

The projects aims to the innovation of public research laboratories that operate in plant breeding and phytosanitary protection in Apulia, to implement and apply new technologies for clonal selection and screening, control of noxious and quarantine pathogens and pests either in plant germplasm and trading propagation material as well in local genetic resources and vegetal biodiversity to be rescued.

Scientific instruments acquired will be helpful to new procedures and certification schemes to adequately  encounter  the increasing need of services from industry. The project involves public laboratories in strategical fields of genetic characterization, plant pathgology and protection, plant entomology and nematology.

The services to users (Research, Agricultural extension services, Certified analytical laboratories, Nurseries Consortia, etc) will are active since 2008.

The laboratory network will be partner of public and industrial projects.

Research staff

Research activity

  • Plant/environment interactions