Development of sustainable control strategies to improve the tomato production in Southern Italy (SOS-PMS) “in the project” Integrated Knowledge for Sustainability and Innovation of the Made in Italy Agribusiness (CISIA)”

Tomato production is a strategic excellence in the southern Italy and one of the main products of the Made in Italy.

In particular, SOS-POM will develop eco-friendly techniques in the defense of pests (insects, nematodes), fungi and viruses, in organic farms, or  farms in conversion from conventional to organic, and in IPM farms. Several trials will be performed in Apulia and Campania where there is a high demand for typical and / or organic tomato productions. SOS-POM is a part of the project CNR-CISIA about the increase of the sustainability of the tomato productions.

The main scientific objectives of the project are: a) the biocontrol of pests and diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses; b) the enhancement of local  genotypes and ecotypes of tomato.

The achievement of the scientific objectives will enable the pursuit of important economic, environmental and social purposes such as: a) obtaining a product with higher quality (less waste and better nutritional qualities); b) reducing of the crops environmental impact  c) promoting the conversion from conventional to organic farming, even for intensive or industrial productions (greenhouse), in Apulia and Campania; d) developing integrated pest management protocols  (IPM) to control detrimental organisms through the use of biocontrol agents (BCAs). BCAs include: arthropods antagonists, microbial antagonists and their own derived bio-pesticides, bio-insecticides and bio-nematicides; products of plant origin with indirect defense action (synomons); e) widely dissemination of the obtained results in order to allow the transfer of data from the “lab to the field”; f) improving the working conditions of agricultural workers by reducing the use of potentially harmful substances (synthetic pesticides); g) raising farm income by reducing energy inputs and by improving the output of precious and certifiable products that can be sold at higher prices.

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