The SURF project aims to select and develop durum wheat genetic materials for virus resistance, identifying and utilizing resistance traits through the use of modern experimental approaches and cutting-edge scientific technologies. Wheat production in Italy and Lombardy is often heavily damaged by various diseases, and among these the diseases of viral origin represent the most unprecedented and current problem, as the mild temperatures in the autumn-winter period cause the vectors of virosis to move on the crops for a much longer period than normal.

Among the most widespread viruses in Italy and Lombardy is the common wheat mosaic virus (soil-borne cereal mosaic virus, SBCMV), belonging to the genus Furovirus, transmitted from the soil to the plant through a vector, the plasmodioforal protozoan Polymyxa graminis Led. In this context, the SURF project foresees the development of knowledge in durum wheat for virus resistance through the identification of resistant durum wheat lines, the identification of gene loci involved in the response to viral infections and innovative genetic improvement strategies.

IBBA (lead partner), IPSP, IBBR participate in the DISBA department project.

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