TRACK WINE: genetic traceability in wines

The development of methods to make products of the wine industry actually “speaking” is critical for the enhancement of territorial identity of the wines/vines and for the consumer protection. The aim of our proposal is the development of a complex system ensuring the traceability of the grapes in musts and wines. The project aims to: i) create a database containing the SNP genetic profiles of cultivars used for the production of the most important DOC and DOCG wines in Piedmont; ii) select the best performing SNPs loci for stability, accuracy and polymorphism among grapevine cultivars; iii) evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of quantitative analysis starting from complex matrices, such as musts and wines; iv) determine the minimum thresholds of contamination in mono-varietal wines and the respect of production rules for multi-varietal wines.

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  • Production defense and biosafety