V2P2 repository

V2P2 repository: digitizing, storing, preserving, searching, exploiting, sharing research data about plant and (micro)organism/virus interactions.


The purpose of this project is to create an open access IT platform to store, preserve and make accessible different types of scientific data produced by the former Institute of Plant Virology (IVV) and the former Institute of Plant Protection (IPP) now merged into the new IPSP-CNR. The IRCrES Institute (CNR) is also involved in this project, providing IT and bibliographical support. V2P2 Repository was named after the two Institutes (IVV -> V2, IPP -> P2) that are contributing to the population of the repository with their scientific data. Inmore than fifty years, IVV and IPP  have, in fact, produced a huge quantity of data which in part have been presented at conferences or published in scientific journals and in part have remained stored in the archives. Only a portion of these data is in digital format: most of them consists of non-homogeneous data, images, logs and notes which are, at the moment, hardly accessible.

The main goal of this project is to digitize, classify, share, and make these data available to anyone through the creation of a public repository. The repository will be provided as Open Access (OA), as this is the best way to exploit the unrestricted deployment potential via the Internet, which allows universal access to any type of data and offers a rapid distribution of scientific knowledge and cultural heritage.

The repository architecture is based on open-source software frameworks, such as Fedora Commons, as a storage backend, and Drupal CMS combined with Islandora, as a frontend. Metadata are based on the Dublin Core model and the Darwin Core standards and exposed via OAI-PMH. Relationships are created following the FAO’s Agricultural Ontology Service. Although the project has been only recently launched, some examples of the objects stored in the repository are already available at http://v2p2demo2.to.cnr.it/islandora/object/islandora%3Aroot

The repository is designed to contain mostly images of optical and electronic microscopy (nearly 100,000, including photographs, slides and negatives) of plant viruses and plant and fungal tissues, but also to share grey literature (books of abstracts, posters, laboratory notebooks, etc.) and data about Plavit, the IVV collection of plant viruses and phytoplasma (WFCC #1057).

The implementation of the project will allow to achieve three main goals:

1) recovery of the scientific heritage: digitization, archiving and formal and semantic cataloguing, in order to recover submerged data, whose existence is likely to remain unknown and destined to be unused, or worse, lost;

2) enhancement of the scientific heritage: digitization, archiving, sharing and long-term storage to avoid loss of data, representing the historical memory of the research centre and also witnessing the evolution of science and technology;

3) dissemination of science: digitization, formal and semantics cataloguing, sharing for a proper and widespread dissemination of the scientific knowledge.

External participants to the Project:

Giancarlo Birello and Anna Perin (IRCrES).

Research staff

Research activity

  • Plant/environment interactions