Aromas and flavors of Tuscany: characterization of Volatoma of valuable food products

Black Cabbage  or Tuscan kale (Brassica oleracea var. Acephala Sabellic) along with other cruciferous vegetables is used in supplements containing standardized extracts recommended in case of  liver or bronchial tubes problems because they are rich of bioactive compounds able to  able to facilitate the restoring of health conditions .
The cabbages  adapt well to all types of soil, provided they are well drained. It was recently reported that water stress and excess water can harm the growth of different species of cabbage (Zou et al. 2013) and therefore result in a decrease of the nutritional characteristics (Zietz et al 2010).
The overall goal of this project is to characterize the tolerance / sensitivity to biotic and abiotic stress  of Tuscan kale,  monitoring the volatile compounds involved in the nutritional characteristics.

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  • Production defense and biosafety