Xylella Emergency

The identification of X. fastidiosa in olive trees in southern Italy (Apulia Region) represents the first confirmed detection of this bacterium in the EU, and as such prompt actions have been undertaken for its eradication, containment and to reduce risk of spread at long distance through the movement of infected plant materials. To this aim an in depth survey has been started which cover the entire region. Samples are first screened by the serological assay “ELISA”, subsequently the samples that tested positive if collected in X. fastidiosa-free area, have to be confirmed by PCR-tests. Within the scientific Institutions involved in this monitoring program, the IPSP has been recognized, within the network “SELGE”, as the official laboratory for performining the confirmation tests. In addition, it has the role and responsibility to perform periodic interlaboratory validations, as well as to implement the diagnostic tests for the detection of the bacterium in new host plants.

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  • Plant/environment interactions