Genetics and epigenetics

AG.P01.026 – Genetic, epigenetic and molecular approaches to study the biodiversity of the microorganisms that support and protect plants
This research line is devoted to the study of the genetic, epigenetic and molecular mechanisms underlying the interactions between plants and organisms (pathogens, vectors, antagonists, symbionts, phytophagous and saprotrophic organisms), primarily by using genomics and metagenomics approaches. The genetic biodiversity of the organisms of interest will be preserved in collections and banks. In addition, it will be studied in relation to the functional biodiversity and to the ability of interacting positively or negatively with the ecosystem, in order to use such organisms for plant defense and for the sustainable improvement of the quality of the products . The “omics” techniques will be also used to describe the impact of environmental factors on the main quality characteristics of typical food chains and on forest ecosystems.



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