Raied Abou Kubaa

After graduating in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Damascus, (Syria), I received the master’s degree in “Integrated Pest Management of Mediterranean Fruits Cultures” at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (MAIB), and then I finished my PhD in Crop Protection at University of Bari Aldo Moro. In Syria, at the Ministry of Agriculture, I was involved in controlling the sanitary status of plant products in quarantine programs. At MAIB I carried out several researches in plant pathology using serological and molecular biology techniques for the diagnosis, evaluation and characterization of plant pathogens such as viruses, phytoplasmas and viroids. Last year at the IPSP-CNR I was involved in the project “Recupero del Germoplasma Viticolo Pugliese” (Re.Ge.Vi.P.) to assess the sanitary status of autochthonous grapevine accessions by molecular (RealTime-PCR, RT-PCR) and serological techniques (ELISA). I am currently involved in a research grant for the study of a new grapevine disease in Trentino, also collaborating with other research activities on the olive-Xylella fastidiosa interaction.