Ivan Baccelli

My research activity is aimed at studying plant-pathogen interactions at the molecular level and the plant’s immune system, in order to develop new sustainable ways to protect plants from diseases.

Research fields:

  • plant’s defense mechanisms
  • induced resistance and priming of defenses
  • mechanisms of pathogenicity and virulence
  • biological control of diseases

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2019 - Exploiting plant volatile organic compounds (VOCS) in agriculture to improve sustainable defense strategies and productivity of crops - Brilli F., Loreto F., Baccelli I. - Frontiers in plant science, volume 10
  • 2018 - Accumulation patterns of endogenous beta-aminobutyric acid during plant development and defence in Arabidopsis thaliana - Balmer A., Glauser G., Mauch-Mani B., Baccelli I. - Plant biology ,