Sara Barberini

My research activity is aimed at the study of plant-pathogen interactions and plant genetic improvement.

In particular, my studies concern:

  • The defence mechanisms activated by plants at morpho-functional, biochemical and gene expression level in response to biotic stresses;
  • The study of the Cupressus semperivirens – Seiridium cardinale pathosystem at the molecular and proteomic levels;
  • The use of in vitro cultures for genetic improvement and conservation of plant biodiversity.

I graduated in 2009 in Plant Biotechnology at the University of Pisa and in 2014 I obtained a PhD in Molecular Biotechnology, with a thesis concerning the use of plant biotechnology to obtain secondary metabolites in medicinal plants.
During my scientific activity I was hosted in various research institutes (University of Groningen, Hebrew university of Jerusalem, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation of Pulawy) where I deepened my knowledge of molecular biology and plant physiology. I have spent 3 years at CREA (Italian Council for Agricultural Research), working on in vitro culture and medicinal plants.

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2018 - Strategies for Fast Multiplication and Conservation of Forest Trees by Somatic Embryogenesis and Cryopreservation: a Case Study with Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens L.) - Lambardi M., Ozudogru E.A., Barberini S., Danti R. - Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , 46: 32-38
  • 2018 - Different clonal responses to cypress canker disease based on transcription of suberin-related genes and bark carbohydrates’ content - Danti R., Rotordam M.G., Emiliani G., Giovannelli A., Papini A., Tani C., Della Rocca G., Barberini S. - Trees, 32: 1707-1722
  • 2016 - Terpene arms race in the Seiridium cardinale – Cupressus sempervirens pathosystem - Achotegui-castells A., Della Rocca G., Llusia J., Danti R., Barberini S., Bouneb M., Simoni S., Michelozzi M., Penuelas J. - Scientific Reports , volume 6
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