Paola Bartolini

I am a collaborator lab technician working in IPSP CNR since 2012 July. During this time, I have worked with several research groups (Paoletti, Santini, Raio, Maserti) helping them in laboratory activities.
In particular, in the framework of the project FOREST aimed at determining the effect of the ozone in forest trees, I performed field sampling of the material; the extraction and quantification (by absorption spectrophotometry) of antioxidant compounds such as ascorbic acid, glutathione, hydrogen peroxide and oxygen in poplar leaves; freezing test on poplar buds.
Also, I collaborated with Dr. Sara Pignattelli, who is a Dr. Elena Paoletti’s fellow, in RNA extraction and quantification from pulp of grapes by RT- PCR method.
I prepare culture plates and work in transplanting mushrooms, sterilize laboratory material by sterilize and stove, in collaboration with Dr. Alberto Santini staff,
Presently, I am collaborating with dr. Biancaelena Maserti in two projects, MOXIVOL and CITRUSPA carrying out the extraction and quantification of antioxidant enzymes and anti oxidant compounds such as ascorbic acid, H2O2, proline as well as evaluating the expression profiles of antioxidant encoding genes by sqPCR. MOXIVOL is a bilateral project Italy-Azerbajan focused in evaluating the response of the antioxidant pathway in pomegranate plants exposed to drought stress, whereas CITRUSPA aimed at evaluating the response mechanisms to fungi attack in Citrus plants.

Articles and book chapters since 2008

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