Piero Caciagli

Born in Torino, April 2, 1950, University degree (laurea) in Biological Sciences in 1974, teacher in state middle schools  (1976-1977),  scholarship  grant holder (1977-1982), then researcher at the CNR from July 1982.
Since the beginning, my research activity has been mainly focused on the epidemiology of both plant viruses and phytoplasmas, and on the pathogen-insect vector relationships, working also on the biological and biochemical characterization of viruses infecting crops and weeds. In the 80s, the research was mainly aimed to viruses of gramineae transmitted either by aphids or planthoppers. Later on, main subject have been vegetable viruses transmitted by whiteflies. In the last few years I have been involved in projects on grapevine viruses and phytoplasmas. I’m also very interested and involved in the popularization  of virology, and of science in general, to young and  adults.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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