Aurelio Ciancio

Main research interests concerns the study of rhizosphere microbiology and microparasites, of biological control and sustainability of agricultural production. Activity began in 1988-89 with a CNR / NATO grant at the Dept. of Nematology, University of California, Riverside studying, in collaboration with R. Mankau, bacteria of the genus Pasteuria. The research on antagonistic microorganisms and biological control continued with national (MAF, Mipaf), EU (CI1.CT94.0042; FAIR5 PL97-3.444; MICOSPA, ICA4-CT-2002-10044) and / or regional (Apulia Region) projects. He studied host-parasite relationships with nonlinear models describing the relationship between bacteria, fungi and nematodes. He developed and introduced, for the first time in the microbiological field (1993), new techniques and non-invasive methods based on Atomic force (Nanoscope) or Photon emission microscopy, producing the first observations in vivo and high resolution of nematodes, bacteria and other microorganisms or organic molecules (enzymes, antibodies), in conditions close to natural ones. The study then focused on the diagnosis of nematodes, associated microorganisms and other pathogens including viruses, and on applied aspects of biological control with trascriptomic analysis of gene expression of endophytes and biocontrol agents. He studied natural nematicidal substances, including mycotoxins and other of plant oringi. The activities led to collaborations with research groups in France, UK, Spain and USA, and received the support of Italian industries of biopesticides (ISAGRO, Agrifutur, ELEP, SACOM – now Microspore), developing a product marketed in Italy under the DPR 23/04/2001 n.290. He is reviewer for several international journals and research agencies, and organized national and international congresses of Nematology. He edited five volumes on integrated pest and disease management, and is the author of over 150 publications in national and international journals and presentations at workshops and conferences. He was Manager of the IPP Section in Bari (2002-2005), and then Delegated manager (2005-2008). He was in charge of sub projects: “Study and development of innovative strategies for plant protection “, and AG.P04.026 “Ecosustainable tecnologies for plant protection from noxious agents” in the CNR Project “Development of the agro-industrial system”. Actually he partecipes to project Eureka!Eurostars E!7364 “Poch_art” on the applications of Pochonia chlamydosporia and its industrial production, in collaboration with Microspore spa (Larino, CB), where IPSP costituted a Third party Research Unit.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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