Fabrizio Cillo

Dr. Fabrizio Cillo deals with research activity in the field of plant virology. Research areas include biological and molecular characterization of plant pathogenic viruses, with a main focus on viruses affecting horticultural crops; genetic engineering of crop plants and evaluation of resistance to viruses in genetically modified plants; characterization of RNA silencing mechanisms in virus-infected plants, in transgenic plants and through virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS).

Main current projects involve the study of molecular plant-virus interactions, in particular: a) identification of host factors involved in defence responses of tomato to viruses such as  Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and Potato virus Y (PVY), through gene expression profiling and analysis of enzymatic activity: b) identification of genes/traits of resistance to CMV in wild accessions of Solanum spp.; c) analysis of the role of RNA silencing in viral pathogenicity, during single or double infections of different viruses and viroids in tomato.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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