Marina Ciuffo

My main research activity are: -Identification and molecular characterization of new and important plant viruses, with particular focus on ornamental and horticultural crops; – production of diagnostic kits;-characterization of the virus-vector interaction in the system Tospovirus-thrips;- characterization of Resistance breaking strains of Tomato spotted wilt virus; – studies on selection of virus/bacteria resistant horticultural plants especially in tomato, pepper, cucurbits and bean,- collaboration in characterization of micoviruses.

I’m also involved in the popularization of virology, and of science in general, to young and adults, working with other colleagues in the Dissemination team of IPSP (GruDi), participating to events such as “Researchers’ Night”, “ Fascination of plants day”, “ Genoa Science Festival”.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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