Salvatore Cozzolino

Salvatore Cozzolino is full Professor of Botany at the University of Naples “Federico II”. The research of Prof. Cozzolino deals with molecular evolution, taxonomy, hybridization and reproductive biology of flowering plants, with a special focus on Mediterranean orchids. On these organisms multi-disciplinary studies were carried out by Prof. Cozzolino, mainly employing molecular markers, leading to the re-classification of several orchid genera and species, to the identification of evolutionary pattern and ecological trends. Currently, Prof. Cozzolino is particularly interested in the genetic basis and the genetic architecture of adaptations and reproductive isolation among orchid species with special emphasis on rule of natural hybridization. The novel application of molecular tools to the characterization of hybrid zones and to orchid pollination biology studies, has opened new perspectives in the knowledge of the strength and rule of pre and post-zygotic barriers in orchid speciation and diversification. Complementary to these studies is the understanding of the present patterns of genetic diversity, as resulting from populations migration and habitats fragmentation processes, and thier consequences for the conservation of threatened orchid species. Prof. Cozzolino has been member of several national and international scientific committees, and is a post graduate biology teacher. He is referee of many international journals as Annals of Botany, Molecular Ecology, New Phytologist, Plant Systematics and Evolution, Taxon. Publications: 140, among which 110 full papers. Collaborations with scientific institutions in United Kingdom (Kew Botanical Garden), Israel (Haifa University), Switzerland (ETH-Zurich), Australia (Camberra University) and United States (Indiana University).

Articles and book chapters since 2008

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