Giusy D'Attoma

I got a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, the same place where I’ve earned a post-degree master in “Technical specialization in product and process innovation for food industry”. During my research training I’ve used molecular and biotechnological tools to comprehend the role of gene silencing in viral pathogenicity. In particular, through a VIGS (virus-induced gene silencing) approach, I’ve analysed the effects of pectine methylesterase knock-down in viral infection induced by Tobacco mosaic virus. At Università del Salento I’ve carried out research activities aiming at the use of analytical methods for determination of total antioxidant activity in food and the adoption of molecular biology techniques for evaluating abiotic stress response in fish farming industries. Recently I’ve joined the research group dealing with the phytosanitary emergency caused by Xylella fastidiosa. Currently I’m a first-year PhD student in “Biodiversity, Agriculture and Environment” at Università degli Studi di Bari. I’m working on advanced molecular diagnostic tools for detection and characterization of Xylella fastidiosa and plant-pathogen interaction in olive pathosystem.

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