Angelo De Stradis

He is specialized in microscope analytical tecniques:

Electron microscopy (Transmission TEM FEI Morgagni  and scanning  ESEM PHILIPS XL30)

Atomic force microscopy (AFM  TOPOMETRIX 2000)

Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM ZEISS LSM 3)

Photographic rendering (digital and printng on photographic paper)

The topics of the researches are:

  • Cytology
  • Plant and Animal Histology
  • Ultrastructural biology of the Symbiosis
  • Virus and bacteria characterization
  • Cell pathology of virus infections
  • Mutagenesis and abiotics changes of plants



Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2018 - The first phlebo-like virus infecting plants: a case study on the adaptation of negative-stranded RNA viruses to new hosts - Navarro B., Minutolo M., De Stradis A., Palmisano F., Alioto D., Di Serio F. - Molecular Plant Pathology , 19: 1075-1089
  • 2017 - Study of the effect of water pressure on plasma and cavitation bubble induced by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid (PLAL) of silver and missed variations of observable NPs features - Dell'Aglio M., Santagata A., Valenza G., De Stradis A., De Giacomo A. - Chemphyschem ,
  • 2016 - Spittlebugs as vectors of Xylella fastidiosa in olive orchards in Italy - Cornara D., Saponari M., Zeilinger A.R., De Stradis A., Boscia D., Loconsole G., Bosco D., Martelli G.P., Almeida R.P.P., Porcelli F. - Journal of pest science, 89: 1-10
  • 2016 - Highly sensitive and practical detection of plant viruses via electrical impedance of droplets on textured silicon-based devices - Ambrico M., Ambrico P.F., Minafra A., De Stradis A., Vona D., Cicco S.R., Palumbo F., Favia P., Ligonzo T. - Sensors , volume 16
  • 2016 - Unusual genomic features of a badnavirus infecting mulberry - Chiumenti M., Morelli M., De Stradis A., Elbeaino T., Stavolone L., Minafra A. - Journal Of General Virology , 97: 3073-3087
  • 2015 - Formation of Self-Assembled Triple-Layered Rotavirus-Like Particles (tlRLPs) by Constitutive Co-Expression of VP2, VP6, and VP7 in Stably Transfected High-Five Insect Cell Lines - Shoja Z., Tagliamonte M., Jalilvand S., Mollaei-kandelous Y., De Stradis A., Tornesello M.l., Buonaguro F.m., Buonaguro L. - Journal Of Medical Virology , 87: 102-111
  • 2015 - Functional characterization of biodegradable nanoparticles as antigen delivery system - Petrizzo A., Conte C., Tagliamonte M., Napolitano M., Bifulco K., Carriero V., De Stradis A., Tornesello M. L., Buonaguro F. M., Quaglia F., Buonaguro L. - Journal Of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research (Online), 34:1-13
  • 2015 - Isolation and partial characterization of a novel cytorhabdovirus from citrus trees showing foliar symptoms in Iran - Sadeghi M.S., Afsharifar A., Izadpanah K., Loconsole G., De Stradis A., Martelli G.P., Saponari M. - Plant Disease ,
  • 2015 - Multitarget therapeutic leads for Alzheimer’s disease: Quinolizidinyl derivatives of bi- and tricyclic systems as dual inhibitors of Cholinesterases and -Amyloid (a) aggregation - Tonelli M., Catto M., Tasso B., Novelli F., Canu C., Iusco G., Pisani L., De Stradis A., Denora N., Sparatore A., Boido V., Carotti A., Sparatore F. - ChemMedChem (Print), 10:1040-1053
  • 2015 - The HIV-1 Pr55gag polyprotein binds to plastidial membranes and leads to severe impairment of chloroplast biogenesis and seedling lethality in transplastomic tobacco plants - Scotti N., Sannino L., Idoine A., Hamman P., De Stradis A., Giorio P., Marechal-Drouard L., Bock R., Cardi T. - Transgenic Research , 24:319-331
  • 2015 - Biocide effects of volatile organic compounds produced by potential biocontrol rhizobacteria on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum - Giorgio A., De Stradis A., Lo Cantore P., Iacobellis N.S. - Frontiers In Microbiology , 6:1-13
  • 2014 - Deep-sequencing analysis of an apricot tree with vein clearing symptoms reveals the presence of a novel betaflexivirus - Elbeaino T., Giampetruzzi A., De Stradis A., Digiaro M. - Virus Research , 181:1-5
  • 2014 - Investigation on the influence of (Z)-3-(2-(3-chlorophenyl)hydrazono)-5,6-dihydroxyindolin-2-one (PT2) on beta-amyloid(1-40) aggregation and toxicity - Catto M., Arnesano F., Palazzo G., De Stradis A., Calò V., Losacco M., Purgatorio R., Campagna F. - Archives Of Biochemistry And Biophysics , 560: 73-82
  • 2014 - First report of Pepino Mosaic Virus on Tomato in Apulia, Italy - Bubici G., De Stradis A., Cillo F. - Journal Of Plant Pathology ,
  • 2014 - Isolation of a Xylella fastidiosa strain infecting olive and oleander in Apulia, Italy - Cariddi C., Saponari M., Boscia D., De Stradis A., Loconsole G., Nigro F., Porcelli F., Potere O., Martelli G.P. - Journal Of Plant Pathology , 96: 425-429
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  • 2012 - Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of benzo[e][1,2,4]triazin-7(1H)-one and [1,2,4]-triazino[5,6,1-jk]carbazol-6-one derivatives as dual inhibitors of beta-amyloid aggregation and acetyl/butyryl cholinesterase - Catto M., Berezin A.A., Lo Re D., Loizou G., Demetriades M., De Stradis A., Campagna F., Koutentis Panayiotis A., Carotti A. - European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 58:84-97
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