Vincenzo Di Lonardo

His work is part of the of genetic improvement programme of cypress.

In particular his research focuses on :

  • Selection of genotypes resistant to bark canker through artificial inoculation and evaluation of the host-parasite-environment interaction. Evaluation of selected varieties for ornamental uses, windbreaks, protection of environment against natural risks (erosion, desertification, fires).
  • Evaluation of the main genetic parameters of the character “canker resistance” through intersections intraspecific: GCA and SCA, heritability. Transfer of resistance in F1 and F2.
  • Controlled crosses for assessing interfertility among species of the genus cupressus.
  • Collection of pollen from different cypres species, and from different genotypes of C. sempervirens for the evaluation of the degree of allergenicity, and for the preparation of vaccines by pharmaceutical companies.

He has been involved in the establishiment and maintenance of experimental plots (over 100,000 plants) IPP in programs Europeans EEC-Agrimed I and II, the EEC-Camar, EEC-Air Cypress, EEC-Fair, EEC-CypMed, EEC -Cyprall and EEC-MedCypre, he has also update the data base with the boards of individual plants, He also has been managing the IPSP nursery in Ugnano (FI) for breeding of mother plants new arboretum.

Articles and book chapters since 2008

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  • 2018 - Resistance to Cypress Canker Disease in Italian cypress has desirable effects on disease epidemiology, but may fail against novel genotypes of the pathogen Seiridium cardinale - Della Rocca G., Danti R., Popenuck T., Di Lonardo V., Garbelotto M. - Forest ecology and management, 424: 259-266
  • 2017 - Clonal consistency of wood technological properties in canker-resistant Cupressus sempervirens clones at two contrasting sites - Nocetti M., Della Rocca G., Berti S., Brunetti M., Di Lonardo V., Pizzo B., Danti R. - Tree Genetics & Genomes ,
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  • 2011 - Newly-assessed fungicides for the control of cypress canker caused by Seiridium cardinale - Della Rocca G., Di Lonardo V., Danti R. - Phytopathologia Mediterranea (Testo stamp.), 50: 65-73