Ahmed El Bahrawy

Main activities

  1. growth of plant crops and evaluation of plant growth parameters
  2. germplasm multiplication and morphological analyses
  3. extraction of plant parasitic nematodes from plants and soils
  4. sampling of infected plants and elaboration of experimental data

Expertise and assignments

  1. growth of plant crops in greenhouse and open field
  2. methods of extraction and isolation of plant parasitic nematodes in lab
  3. planning and production of irrigation systems
  4. sterilization of soils
  5. assignment as responsible of safety and monitoring of greenhouses and autoclave

Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2016 - Electrophoretic Patterns of Some Populations of Meloidogyne Arenaria and M. javanica - Abd-elgawad M.M.M., Eissa M.F.M., Et-Gindi A.Y., Osman A.A., Smart G.C., El-Bahrawy A. - Egyptian Journal Of Agronematology , 15: 44-52