Antonella Faccio

I have a permanent position at the Istituto per la Protezione Sostenibile delle Piante (CNR) as Senior Assistant Technician. The main field of work and research is the study of plant/fungus/microbe interaction in mycorrhizal associations.

My technical skills are:

  • Electron microscopy with a special attention on immunocytochemistry techniques (such as immunogold and affinity techniques) and cryo-techniques of preservation (such as cryo-fixation and freeze substitution)
  • in vitro cell culture whit a special attention on preparation of transgenic plants

Articles and book chapters since 2008

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  • 2016 - Understanding plant cell-wall remodelling during the symbiotic interaction between Tuber melanosporum and Corylus avellana using a carbohydrate microarray - Sillo F., Fangel J.U., Henrissat B., Faccio A., Bonfante P., Martin F., Willats W.G.T., Balestrini R. - Planta ,
  • 2015 - Gate crashing arbuscular mycorrhizas: in vivo imaging shows the extensive colonization of both symbionts by Trichoderma atroviride - Lace B., Genre A., Woo S., Faccio A., Lorito M., Bonfante P. - Environmental Microbiology Reports, 7:64-77
  • 2015 - Host and non-host roots in rice: cellular and molecular approaches reveal differential responses to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi - Fiorilli V., Vallino M., Biselli C., Faccio A., Bagnaresi P., Bonfante P. - Frontiers In Plant Science , 6:1-17
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  • 2013 - Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi reduce growth and infect roots of the non-host plant Arabidopsis thaliana. - Veiga R.S., Faccio A., Genre A., Pieterse C.M., Bonfante P., van der Heijden M.G. - Plant, Cell and Environment, 36:1926-1937
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  • 2009 - The mycoheterotroph Arachnitis uniflora has a unique association with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi - Domínguez L.S., Melville L., Sérsic A., Faccio A., Peterson R.l. - Botany , 87:1198-1208
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  • 2008 - Prepenetration apparatus assembly precedes and predicts the colonization patterns of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi within the root cortex of both Medicago truncatula and Daucus carota - Genre A., Chabaud M., Faccio A., Barker D.g., Bonfante P. - The Plant Cell , 20: 1407-1420