Luisa Ghelardini


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2019 - Detection and quantification of the air inoculum of Caliciopsis pinea in a plantation of Pinus radiata in Italy - Botella L., Bačová A., Dvorák M., Kudláček T., Pepori A.L., Santini A., Ghelardini L., Luchi N. - Iforest, 12: 193-198
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  • 2018 - Temporal patterns of airborne Phytophthora spp. in a woody plant nursery area detected using real-time PCR - Migliorini D., Ghelardini L., Luchi N., Capretti P., Onorari M., Santini A. - Aerobiologia,
  • 2017 - Ecology of invasive forest pathogens - Ghelardini L., Luchi N., Pecori F., Pepori A.L., Danti R., Della Rocca G., Capretti P., Tsopelas P., Santini A. - Biological Invasions , 1-18
  • 2017 - Lights and shadows of a possible strategy to cope with alien and destructive forest pathogens: the example of breeding for resistance to Dutch elm disease in Italy - Pecori F., Ghelardini L., Luchi N., Pepori A.L., Santini A. - Baltic Forestry , 23: 255-263
  • 2017 - From the Alps to the Apennines: possible spread of ash dieback in Mediterranean areas - Ghelardini L., Migliorini D., Santini A., Pepori A.L., Maresi G., Vai N., Montuschi C., Carrari E., Feducci M., Capretti P., Luchi N. - Dieback of European Ash (Fraxinus spp.) - Consequences and Guidelines for Sustainable Management, 140-149
  • 2017 - Geosmithia-Ophiostoma: a New Fungus-Fungus Association - Pepori A.L., Bettini P.P., Comparini C., Sarrocco S., Bonini A., Frascella A., Ghelardini L., Scala A., Vannacci G., Santini A. - Microbial Ecology ,
  • 2016 - First Record of Ash Dieback Caused by Hymenoscyphus fraxineus on Fraxinus excelsior in the Apennines (Tuscany, Italy) - Luchi N., Ghelardini L., Santini A., Migliorini D., Capretti P. - Plant Disease , 100: 535
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  • 2015 - Plant pathogen evolution and climate change - Santini A., Ghelardini L. - Perspectives In Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition And Natural Resources ,
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  • 2010 - Bud dormancy release in elm (Ulmus spp.) clones — a case study of photoperiod and temperature responses - Ghelardini L., Santini A., Black-Samuelsson S., Myking T., Falusi M. - Tree Physiology , 30:264-274
  • 2010 - Genotype × environment interaction and growth stability of several elm clones resistant to Dutch elm disease - Santini A., Pecori F., Pepori A. L., Ferrini F., Ghelardini L. - Forest Ecology And Management , 260:1017-1025
  • 2009 - Avoidance by early flushing: a new perspective on Dutch elm disease research - Ghelardini L, Santini A. - Iforest, 2:143-153
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  • 2008 - Messa a punto di un metodo per l’individuazione di β-1,3- glucanasi e chitinasi attraverso Native PAGE su estratti di piante di Prunus avium L. inoculate con Phytophthora sp. - De Rogatis A., Guerri S., Santini A., Ghelardini L. - Annali Cra , 35: 123-132