Ivana Gribaudo

The research activity is focused on the grapevine (Vitis spp.) and concerns some topics:
• virus eradication from selected grapevine clones through traditional techniques (in vivo and in vitro heat-therapy, meristematic cultures) and innovative approaches (somatic embryogenesis);
• study of the effects of “minor” viruses on the grapevine growth, physiology and yield; monitoring the spread of viruses after vineyard replanting with healthy clones;
• use of electronic identification systems (RFID) for the traceability of grapevine propagation materials;
• genetic characterization of the grapevine cultivar Nebbiolo; study of the interactions between its genetic biodiversity and the cultivation environment (climate, soil);
• study of the factors inducing and controlling somatic embryogenesis in grapevine;
• gene transfer for functional genomics studies; molecular characterization of transgenic plants;
in vitro germplasm conservation (active collections);
• axenic cultures of phytoplasma-infected plants.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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