Pierfederico La Notte

• Epidemiology, transmission by insect vectors, symptom expression, study of the effects on the production of viral and virus-like diseases / agents of grapevine
• Recovery, collection, study and characterization of minor or rare varieties of grapevine and other fruit crops
• Clonal selection, sanitary improvement, diagnosis of grapevine viruses/diseases, characterization (morphological, agronomic and technological) and registration of varieties and clones of grapevine
• Maintenance and management of ex situ collections of grapevine germplasm


Articles and book chapters since 2008

  • 2016 - Detection and molecular characterization of a Grapevine Roditis leaf discoloration-associated virus (GRLDaV) variant in an autochthonous grape from Apulia (Italy) - Chiumenti M., Giampetruzzi A., Morelli M., Savino V.N., Martelli G.P., La Notte P., Palmisano F., Saldarelli P. - Virus Genes ,
  • 2015 - Detection of Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus in autochthonous grapevine cultivars in Turkey - Buzkan N., La Notte P., Karadag S., Aktan A., Saldarelli P., Minafra A. - Journal Of Plant Pathology , 97: 387-389
  • 2014 - Survey on viroids infecting grapevine in Italy: Identification and characterization of Australian grapevine viroid and Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 2 - Gambino G.,Navarro B.,Torchetti E.M.,La Notte P.,Schneider A.,Mannini F.,Di Serio F. - European Journal Of Plant Pathology , 140:199-205
  • 2014 - Genetic characterization of grape cultivars from Apulia (southern Italy) and synonymies in other Mediterranean regions - Schneider A., Raimondi S.,Pirolo C.S., Marinoni D.T., Ruffa P., Venerito P., La Notte P. - American Journal Of Enology And Viticulture , 65:244-249
  • 2014 - Discovery and molecular characterization of a new cryptovirus dsRNA genome from Japanese persimmon through conventional cloning and high-throughput sequencing - Morelli M.,Chiumenti M.,De Stradis A.,La Notte P.,Minafra A. - Virus Genes , 50:160–164
  • 2012 - Detection and molecular characterization of a novel cryptovirus from persimmon (Diospyros kaki). - Morelli M., De Stradis A., La Notte P., Merkuri J., Boscia D., Minafra A. - Petria, 22:181-181
  • 2012 - A new grapevine virus discovered by deep sequencing of virus- and viroid derived small RNAs in cv Pinot gris - Giampetruzzi A., Roumi V., Roberto R., Malossini U., Yoshikawa N., La Notte P., Terlizzi F., Credi R., Saldarelli P. - Virus Research, 163:262–268
  • 2009 - Verdeca e pampanuto sono la stessa varietà - Pirolo C.S., La Notte P., Pastore E., Torello-marinoni D., Giannini P., Venerito P., Cagnazzo A., Schneider A. - L'Informatore Agrario , 49:55-56
  • 2008 - Genetic variability and population structure of Grapevine virus A coat protein gene from naturally infected Italian vines - Murolo S, Romanazzi G, Rowhani A, Minafra A, La Notte P, Branzanti Mb, Savino V - European Journal Of Plant Pathology (10845J0), 120: 137-145