Moreno Lazzara

I’m Technical Operator VIII level. I work as a technical / experimental support to the research on the effect of climate change and pollution on vegetation. I deal with the management of the organization of field activities and I’m responsible for the management of chemicals (pesticides, pesticides, herbicides). I am specialized in agricultural work, exploitation of plant material in pots and in the ground, use and maintenance of equipment, electrical and mechanical installation and management of towers for environmental monitoring, collection and transport of plant material in the field, sampling for measures of plant biomass. I carry out assistance in training of undergraduates, graduate students and fellows. At the moment, I’m mainly engaged in the installation and management of the site FO3X (free-air O3 exposure) and I’m therefore involved in the design and acquisition of infrastructure (purchasing procedures) and their assembly (tillage, stringing lines pneumatic and electrical) and in the preparation and maintenance of the plant material (purchase, propagation, irrigation) and support for research activities (measures of gas exchange and growth).