Roberto Lerario

I am employed by the CNR since 09/01/1982. I collaborate with Dr. Maria Teresa Melillo, Dr. Pasqua Veronico e il Dr. Nicola Sasanelli for which I take care of the organization of the labs, the maintainance and use of the equipment necessary for the scientific investigations.

Support activities:

  • Preparation of cultures of plant material and nematodes, using different methods of multiplication of nematode populations from different environmental conditions, and different methods of extraction from soil and roots.
  • I provide to the development of negatives B/N of various size and the printing of subjects taken at light and electronic microscope. I deal with digital and computerized processing of photos and slides.
  • I hold the position of withdrawal, sorting and delivery of mail.
  • Since 2003, I served as treasurer of the cost center of the Section.