Giuliana Loconsole

Dr. Giuliana Loconsole graduated in 1999 in Biology Sciences from University of Bari; in 2004 she earned her Ph.D. in Plant Protection curriculum Plant Virology in the Department of Plant Protection at the University of Bari. Since 2009 to now she has been post-doc researcher at the Department of Plant Protection at the University of Bari and actually at Institute of   Plant Virology – CNR, U.O.S. Bari.

The Researcher works in plant pathology research programs since the year 2000, by joining the research groups at DiSSPA and IVV-CNR; gaining experience and contributing to develop novel knowledge in several fields of the plant pathology:

  • biological, serological and molecular characterization of olive- and citrus-infecting viruses/viroids and virus-like agents;
  • development of innovative diagnostic approaches: production of recombinant antisera, molecular hybridization, one tube RT-PCR,  development of multiplex Real-time assays to detect citrus-infecting viruses and viroids and differentiate differentiate simultaneously severe viral/viroidal strains, using high resolution melting approaches.

Moreover, during the 10y experience she has contributed to research and coordination activities for regional and national projects of Department of Plant Protection at the University of Bari. During the last 3y she has been involved in research projects of the United States Department of Agriculture focusing on the use of next-generation sequencing for the characterization of viral diseases of unknown aetiology (discovery of two novel viruses) and to explore the mechanisms occurring in citrus plants infected by Citrus tristeza virus, under cross-protection conditions. More recently, she is part of the research team (IVV-CNR & DiSSPA) which identified Xylella fastidiosa in olives of Salento, collaborating with international experts to develop critical pathogen information for the  development of effective control strategies.


Projects: OLVIVA, RIOM, OLEA, Re.ger.O.P.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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