Donato Loddo

My current research activity is focused on Integrated Plant Protection (IPP), Integrated Weed Management (IWM), and mitigation of environmental impact of pesticide use.

Research fields:

  • Weed biology and ecology
  • Herbicide resistance
  • Mechanical and cultural weed control
  • Cover crops

Articles and book chapters since 2008

2019 – Furlan L et al. Meadow-ploughing timing as an integrated pest management tactic to prevent soil-pest damage to maize. European Journal of Agronomy 112, art. no. 125950, DOI: 10.1016/j.eja.2019.125950
2019 – Loddo D et al. Germination of Chloris barbata, Cynodon dactylon, and Cyperus rotundus from Angola at constant and alternate temperatures. Agronomy 9, art. No. 615; DOI:10.3390/agronomy9100615
2019 – Loddo D et al. Variability in seedling emergence for European and North American populations of Abutilon theophrasti. Weed Research 59, 15-27
2018 – Loddo D et al. Sensitivity analysis of Alisma plantago-aquatica L., Cyperus difformis L. and Schoenoplectus mucronatus (L.) Palla to penoxsulam. Agronomy 8, art. no. 220, DOI: 10.3390/agronomy8100220
2018 – Neve P et al. Reviewing research priorities in weed ecology, evolution and management: a horizon scan. Weed Research 58, 250-258
2018 – Otto S et al. Droplets deposition pattern from a prototype of a fixed spraying system in a sloping vineyard. Science of the Total Environment 639, 92–99
2018 – Loddo D et al. Base Temperatures for Germination of Selected Weed Species in Iran. Plant Protection Science 54, 60-66