Nicola Luchi

My primary research interest is the study of invasive and native fungal pathogens on forest and ornamental plants.
The development of rapid diagnostic tests to detect fungal pathogens is of primary importance to contain the spreading of these microrganisms, including the invasive species. During the last decade new molecular techniques able to detect a pathogen before disease outbreak, have been developed in plant pathology. Our primary research, financed by National and Interantional projects, has been on the development of new molecular tools for the early detection of fungal pathogens in forest and in nursery.
During the last few years my research activity has been focused on the study of the plant-invasive pathogen interaction based on a trascriptome analysis. Other researches are based on: a) population studies of fungal forest pathogens and; b) systemic induced resistance (SIR) in conifers after fungal pathogen infections.


Articles and book chapters since 2008

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